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As your dedicated IT partner, we look forward to serving your needs. We have deep experience and a proven track record of delivering comprehensive services in the areas of Security, Remote Management, Computer Repair, and Consulting services. 

Computer Services

Remote Maintenance and Monitoring

Keep your system running smooth and virus/malware free without having to have a technician visit or down-time to bring it to our shop.  Our Remote Management takes care of optimization, Anti-Virus, Malware, Backup and monitoring for hardware issues. 


Malware, spyware, and adware can slow down your computer tremendously. There are free utilities out there that can scan your computer and remove some issues, however many issues are impossible to remove automatically. A professional optimization will help bring your computer back to life!

Cloud Services and Backup

Cloud services for your business will remove the need for local hardware, servers and backup devices. Using Microsoft Azure, we can ensure your business data and application are up and online 24/7.



Hardware repair

At times, opimization and maintenance are not enough. Electronics fail, and our technicains are trained for repair on PC's, networks and peripherals.



Laptop repair

Laptops are much different from Desktops when it comes to replacing parts and repair. From broken screens to cracked hinges, laptop repair is not something to trust to just anyone. Our technicians are trained for this!

Network setup and repair

Networks are the heart of the Internet. Without proper setup, documentation and maintenance the network will be your worst nightmare. With over 50 years of combined experience, our experts can install, repair or optimize any size network.



Malware/Virus removal

Despite having Anti-Virus or Malware software installed, there is always a chance your computer will get infected or compromized. Off the shelf Anti Virus software cannot keep their signatures updated fast enough to keep up with the current rate of new vulnerabilities.


Jason Harlow

I cannot say enough about Norm, Ed, and Jeff at Wiregrass Computers and Music. Not only do they provide me with exceptional service for my guitars, amps and other musicial ventures, they have pulled me out of some computers issues where others didn't even understand my problems. Highly recommend!

Jan Benson

I ran across these folks from google. I didn't want to go to the big box store and get charged a ton of money when it my computer started acting funny. I'm so glad I did, within 5 minutes, they were able to diagnose the issue and fix it right in front of me. No wait! I've purchased the remote maintenance so now I don't ever have to worry or even bring my computer to the shop! thank you!

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